Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snowman Candy Bar Cover

I found this wonderful website. She is an amazing crafter and Stampin Up Demonstrator. I have recently tried to make a few of her creations. My favorite is the Snowman Covered Candy Bar. It is adorable and so easy to make. These are going to be a little gift my kids give to their teachers. I will let them make them. My oldest might not want to take them to school, but he can make them for the house.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fishbowl Diecut

I just love this little fishbowl. I have this for sale on my etsy shop, but am going to use one in a layout for my daughter. At the beginning of the year when she learned to tie her shoes I bought her a beta fish. He fist is going to have to be blue and red, but it will be so cute. I don't think I took a picture of her tying her shoe, so maybe we can recreate that.

Cutter Blade too Dull

I have a Provocraft Trimmer for my scrapbooking. I liked it at first but now the blades do not seem to stay sharp for very long. I want to continue using it, but it is way to expensive to keep replacing the blades. I have decided to buy a trimmer with a self sharpening blade. I had never heard of that before. The cost is $50, but I have a 40% off coupon and should get it closer to $30. That I can afford. Actually I can't afford not to buy that.

What to do with my old trimmer? I should go on e-bay and sell it. I have other crafting items I do not need and did not like, so maybe I should set up an account and get rid of them. Don't get me wrong, the Provocraft Trimmer is not a bad trimmer, but I spend at least $12.00 a year to replace blades, if not much more. It just has been ridiculous.

I will post a picture of my new Trimmer when I get it and let everyone know how it works. If it was worth the money.

First Ever Blog Carnival

Welcome to the October 15, 2009 edition of budget crafting.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Handprint Turkey Craft

Originally uploaded by mmgoodsoup

I can honestly say I have not seen turkeys decorated quite like this before. I am not sure if these are just one piece of paper or two, but this is a very creative use of your handprinte. I love the colors used to decorate each finger and the turkey faces are adorable.

Leaf Turkey Arts and Craft

Leaf turkey
Originally uploaded by Jennifer13

This is a great craft for your kids to do on a nice fall day. One thing I recommend doing with your leaves is pressing them in a book at least over night. The best way to do that is to put them between newspaper and then place them in a book. The newspaper helps to absorb some of the moisture and this process keeps them from curling up as they dry.

See what your budding artist can create.

Supersized Thanksgiving People Table Craft

Supersized Thanksgiving People
Originally uploaded by Celestial Charms

These are so cute and can be made from paper towel rolls and craft paper. The little people would be a little harder to make, but you could make them a little bigger and use toilet paper rolls. What a fun craft to make with the kids on Thanksgiving or to get ready for the party.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My First Sales on my Etsy

I am so proud that I have made 4 sales in my Etsy Shop. I started my shop to hopefully help pay for my hobby with my cricut and scrapbooking. I just sold a few items and think I better get busy listing more items. Drop by my shop just to take a look around. It is still relatively new, but I am so excited.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Stocking Spider Egg Sack Decoration

Originally uploaded by choppercabra666

If you have some left over white stockings, batting, and plastic spiders, you can make these. They look so gross, but they are so cute. How easy is that and most moms have these spiders all over the house because our kids bring them home from every party this time of year. This is definitely an original craft.

Smores Cupcake

Smores Cupcake
Originally uploaded by gensler97

These may not seem like a craft, but they are the most amazing cupcakes to make and eat. The cupcake is made from a box, which is all I know how to do. The icing is made from a 16 oz. tub of marshmallow fluff, 2 sticks of butter softened, and 4 cups of powdered sugar. You may need to add more powdered sugar if the frosting is still melting. They do not hold up very well in humidity, so don't leave them out on a hot day.

I hope you try these some day for a party or just because they sound good.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cricut Animal Kingdom DieCuts

Here are a few cuts from my new Cricut Cartridge 'Animal Kingdom'. This is in no way a cheap craft, but it is my reward for working so hard at saving money. I have invested $200 in it so far and it makes me feel like a kid again. It is not exactly easy enough for my kids to use, but it is definitely something they will enjoy in the future.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Witch Parking Sign

Witch Parking
Originally uploaded by Starry_Delight

I love this. I think I am going to make one for my house. Maybe put it on my garage door, or on my house.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Cookie Variety

Halloween Cookie Variety
Originally uploaded by gensler97

I have always had a hard time buying cookies. My Grandmother and Mother were great bakers, so there was little reason to buy it when you could make it yourself. When I was a little girl once in a while my mom would buy me and my brother these smiley face cookies at the local bakery in our mall. They were so delicious. I have always wanted to make good sugar cookies, but did not know how to.

After getting this great recipe for sugar cookies I started to make them, but did not know how to decorate them. For years I made them and they were o.k., but they were not stackable at all. After research I learned to decorate these kinds of cookies. I am not a great artist, but they are definitely neat. I have discovered the layered cookies that look 3-D, and have the most fun with them now.

It is just a hobby, but I sell a few hundred every year at Christmas time. I make a few Cookie Bouquets for gifts or to sell. It's a lot of fun to make these for teachers and friends. My family no longer loves to eat them, but they love to give them to others. I hope some day they will learn to make them and pass them on to their kids.

Toothpick Art

My kids don't understand the concept of money. but sometimes they make do with what is in the house. My son was quietly working in his room on this art project. It is a picture of his mom and dad out of toothpicks. I love my hair. He is my creative thinker. He is not inspired often, but when he is inspired it can be very creative.
I don't know where he got these toothpicks, probably at school. After I took this picture he took it apart and has been creating more things. Forget Lincoln Logs, he's got toothpicks.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reese's Cupcake

Reese's Cupcake
Originally uploaded by gensler97

This is not the cheapest craft you can make, but it is a great homemade cupcake for a party or just for dessert. I made a chocolate cupcake, topped it with a chocolate frosting straight from the can, on top of that a peanut butter buttercreme, a few pieces of Reese's peanut butter cups, and chocolate syrup.

They look very sweet, but the peanut butter really tames the sweetness. I loved them. I have eaten 3 of them and I usually can only handle 2 cupcakes at the most when I make a batch. In my old age sweets are not as easy to take as they use to be. Everyone has loved them, except my daughter. She is not a big choclate or peanut butter lover yet.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

I love taking my kids to a harvest their own pumpkin during the fall at a farm. My favorites have orchards and bakeries. I love apple cider donuts. At the end of a friendly visit to most Pumpkin Patches you can spend $50 and come away with 5 pumpkins and a few guords. There has to be an easier way to do this and a cheaper way.

Today while I was at the local grocery store I was reading their prices for pumpkins. The sizes are what I would buy at the farms, yet the prices are so much less. If you don't need to spend the day at a pumpkin patch I would recommend checking out your local grocery store. They really are not that bad. Then maybe if you still want to visit the farm, go and enjoy but skip the overpriced pumpkins. Someone else is going to buy them, don't worry.

This article isn't really about crafting, but that is for my next article. On-line resources for pumpkin carving kits.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Recycle Toilet Paper Roll Scrapbook

Upcycle mini album
Originally uploaded by ThreadfulArt

I love that this adorable scrapbook is made out of toilet paper rolls. I just can't believe how great it turned out. I would love to make one of this and it is on my to do list for this winter. Not sure what to use it for yet.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Milk Jug Ghosts

10/07/07 - Decorating
Originally uploaded by Wicked Stepmom

If you are looking for cheap ghosts to fill up your graveyard, then you should consider these milk jub ghosts. What fun your kids would have decorating these fun faces. Fill them with christmas lights and stick them in your yard around your tombstones.

Halloween School Party Planning

We have just started to look at ideas for a Kindergarten Halloween Party. There are two of us who are working together to come up with a great party for our kid's class, but we want to keep the budget as cheap as possible. We only have so much to spend and so far we only have 4 volunteers to donate items and help for the parties. I have learned in past years you can make a great party for less than 20 dollars, but you have to be very creative.

We are looking at crafts that are made out of recycled or cheap materials. The kids honestly do not care what we make. Most parents do not care, but it should be memorable in some way. One idea I have found is Alien Masks. To make them a little easier for the kids we can make masks in general. We can use items we all have laying around the house to decorate. We can even use egg cartons to make the tips of the antennas.

Another idea I like is have the kids make their own treats. My friend thought it would be cute to have the kids create their own scary monster cupcakes. Or we can have the kids decorate a bag to look like a pumpkin, fill it with popcorn, and twist the top to look like a pumpkin stem.

No matter what we decide to do for the kids, they will love it. I hope I have inspired someone to save a little money and enjoy a fun filled afternoon with their child's class.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The graveyard

The graveyard
Originally uploaded by jeanlaredo

I love these tombstones with cute little sayings. My favorite is, "See I told you I was sick." I am going to try and make these for out home, but with leftover wood.

Frankenstein Cupcake Single

Frankenstein Cupcake Single
Originally uploaded by alachia

Alien Craft

Alien Craft
Originally uploaded by amanky

I think you could make this craft out of eg cartons. The styrofoam cartons would be fun because you could stick your pipecleaners into them without glue. They also come in many different colors, which could be a lot of fun for kids. They could decorate an entire army of them any way they would like.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Scary Spider Spinning a Web

Scary Spider Spinning a Web
Originally uploaded by bon_here

This paper plate craft is very inexpensive for a classroom project. the web can be drawn on by the kids or painted with a marble technique. I think black markers would be the best thing to use at school since it dries fast. The spider can be made with an egg carton and pipe cleaners and googly eyes. That is not what they used here, but I am trying to keep every cheap!!

Halloween Cookie Variety

Halloween Cookie Variety
Originally uploaded by gensler97

These cookies are all my own creations, though some of the ideas have been borrowed from other cookie decorators. One day I decided I needed to learn how to make these cookies. I had grown up with this cute little bakery in our mall and had always gotten a decorated sugar cookie when my mom took me there. I had never been able to make a good sugar cookie until a friend of mine gave me a recipe. It was so much better than I had ever had. I made these for years with just canned frosting or powdered sugar and water. Until i decided to research it and sample icing after icing.

My final product is a combination royal icing and glaze. It leaves a shiny coat on the icing, but it still hardens up enough to stack them. Though my family has grown tired of eating cookies, they still love to see and share my creations with their friends.

My favorite cookies to make are the mummies and the layered scene cookies.

Halloween Candy Favors

Halloween Candy Favors
Originally uploaded by callista1172

I am going to try these out for Halloween. I don't have a lot of Halloween paper, but I do have a lot of craft paper laying around the house. I am not sure what i will fill these with, but these might be what I give out for Halloween. We live in a dead end, so I won't have to make too many, but I like to make my treats special. If I had to give out a hundred or more I wouldn't bother, but since I give out less than 20 each year I can add a little something special to them. I am going to fill them with mini candies that are all individually wrapped. Nothing like candy corn or any other loose candy.

When I am done I will post a picture.

Jack-o-lantern game

Jack-o-lantern game
Originally uploaded by hII!H

Pin the tale on the donkey is a popular party game, but nowadays it can be adapted to any theme or party. This pumpkin game would be a lot of fun for the kids to play. As well as money saving for me since I can't afford to spend a lot of money for each party.

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts
Originally uploaded by Miss Retro Modern

I love this black cat. In this picture it is made from a clay pot painted black, but I think you could make it out of a black paper cup also. You could use a black pom for the head, or make a head with black yarn.

The tree is also a cute craft to make with your kids. They can come up with different ideas for ornaments. The ghosts are always cute made from tissue paper or kleenex.

I am feeling more motivated with every picture I find.

Spider Egg Sack

Originally uploaded by choppercabra666

This spider egg sack is made out of a old stocking, stuffing and plastic spiders. Talk about creepy looking. I hate spiders and if I saw this at a friends house I would definitely not want to go to their door. I have been looking for ideas to decorate my house on the cheap. I hope this works!

Halloween Can Windchimes

Halloween can windchimes
Originally uploaded by ShanBlan

I am room mom at my child's school and have been looking for recycle crafts that we could make at school parties. This is one I found that I I won't be using at school, but might make one at home. I love this windchime. How simple it is and how adorable it is. I might make one with my kids just to make it. I have never had a windchime and this might be a cute sound to hear outside out house this Halloween. Tin cans banging around sounds like the perfect Halloween sound.

Halloween Pumpkin Treat Bags

halloween treat bags
Originally uploaded by craftylikeafox

I have been searching for new ideas for Halloween and thought these bags would be great to put popcorn into for a Halloween Party. Of course these bags can be done in brown and orange, but I think the black is very cute and shockingly different.

These would also be a cute craft for the kids to make. The kids could fill with candy, popcorn, carmel corn, trail mix, or anything you can think of.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have learned a lot lately about scrapbooking. I recently joined and learned about Inchies/Trinchies/Twinchies. They are one inch squares decorated with at least three layers of embellishments. I have not had a chance to try them out, but plan to as soon as I get some decorative paper to go with my disney cricut characters. The inchies can be as simple as letters layered and placed on a square. These are great for embellishing scrapbook pages and cards.

There is a great section on the Cricut website that is for swaps and requests. Everyone is committed to helping one another by sharing cuts from different cartridges. I have joined my first swap for Disney Characters because I have only gotten the Mickey and Friends Cartridge so far. This way I can get other characters from other cartridges, like the princess cartridges. We plan to go Disney this winter and I want to put together a scrapbook and maybe an autograph book for my kids to take with them. Another great thing about this is this way I get to make ten of one character, using the same shape and colors. If I made one of each character even on my cartridge I would be wasting a lot of paper.

As soon as I get around to finishing my swap, I will post pictures before I send them out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mickey Film Strip Photo Frame

I found this on my Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge and I am so excited. You can use it for so many things. Next year I want to put together a book for each kid to put their friends school pictures in and I want to use this in it. I would be so fun to have a movie theme for one of the books and label it something like "You are a Star".

This is cut out at 5 1/2 " tall by 11" wide. You can insert 4 - 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" pics. Perfect for wallet sizes, but I think I am going to scale it down to fit the pictures the kids trade.

Butterfly Cricut Diecut

I know this may seem like a very expensive hobby, but I own a Cricut Diecutting Machine. I started Scrapbooking last year and always wanted one. Since I never know what my hubby should get me for Christmas, I asked for one of these. Then I waited until a few weeks after Christmas for it, so I could get a better deal on e-bay. The store price is $189.00 and I was not willing topay that much. I ended up spending just over $100 with free shipping and not extra tax on top of that price. That is almost saving $90. Yeah. Since then I have been buying a few cartridges off e-bay when I can get a good deal.

My latest cartridge is the Disney Friends cartridge. I had always planned to buy it, but when a friend went to Disney I decided to get it early, so I can share my diecuts with her. Thinking it would only have Disney Characters on it, I was pleasantly surprised to see the extras it came with. It has tranes, planes, cars, and trucks. There are purses, lipstick, nailpolish, hearts and love letters. Bones which can be used for dogs, or halloween. Borders are a really nice accent.

Here is a post of the butterflies that came with the Disney Cartridge. I made them in green and yellow to accent my pink and yellow flowers. I plan to use them on a blue background page and maybe add clouds and a sun, which also came with the cartridge. This is the best buy so far.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bunny Easter Cookies

Bunny Easter Cookies
Originally uploaded by gensler97

I consider baking a craft. Especially when it is a decorated cookie, cake, or cupcake. I love these little bunnies I made a few years ago for easter. The flower necklace adds just enough character to the rabbit. This is also the only form of drawing I do. Everyone will go crazy for these fun cookies and think you spent the whole day decorating them.

Easter Egg Baby

Originally uploaded by febielin

Thumbprint Chicks Easter Craft

Thumbprint Chicks
Originally uploaded by

Anything done with fingerprints or handprints is always a winning craft with moms and dads. We love to keep those special little projects that show the size of our children when they made it. For me it doesn't hurt either that this is about the cheapest project you can make.

These chicks can be used to decorate a card, a poster, or just a piece of paper. Kids can make a scene on a piece of paper and turn it into anything they choose. I can't use this project this year, as my kids are not old enough to draw the extra arms, legs, eyes, and beaks on each chick to make them unique. I hope I can make them some day.

Milk Jug Easter Basket

Big E's basket and booboo bunny
Originally uploaded by mslil65

I love this idea for an Easter Basket for school kids. I can make this with things I either have laying around the house, or will have laying around the house soon. I respect any projects that require recycling of household items or food containers. The most expensive thing I would need to buy for these is the green grass for the bottom of the baskets.

You can personalize these as much as you want. I have seen them painted white or grey. The opening have been smaller, so you can fit a few more eggs inside the basket. The faces can be made out of any materials you have at home. Have fun with this one!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paper Plate Angels

I used this project for Christmas, but think it could be used any time of the year, for religious activities. I saw one on a friend's tree and decided, I can do that! The paper plates only cost a quarter, since I already had some at home and needed only a few. You can decorate the plates with crayons, markers, or whatever you have lying around. Pipecleaners were $1.00 at a Dollar Store. Pictures can be donated from each child, printed for $.15 each, or just drawn on another piece of paper and attached. Last but not least a stapler.

I think I liked the fact that they are stapled together the best because we didn't have to wait for drying time. I will say, it is tricky to staple them together. Also, these look so cute on top of those little Christmas Trees we sometimes put on tables. Especially if you keep one in each kid's room. My kids did this on their own and I left it there the whole Christmas Season.

To make the angels, first let the kids decorate their plates. They need to decorate the bottom side of the plate, if you were eating off of it.

After they decorate it, you cut the plate in half. Then cut one of the halves, in half again. The half will be the body and the quarters will become the wings.

Assemble the body, by creating a cone and stapling it together.

Next staple the winges onto the angel. This is the hardest part. Don't worry if they are not perfectly straight. It's just a fun activity for kids.

You can add a halo, by stapling a pipecleaner inside the angle and twisting it into a circle on top. Glue on your face and you are done.

This project was so cute, cheap and easy that it makes me want to make more with paper plates.

Paper Bag Album

I have recently started scrapbooking. I had never planned to scrapbook because of the expense of it. I had to get supplies last year to help out with a school project and decided I would spend that much money again to scrapbook for myself. My original project was paperbag albums. I had to repeat the project again this year, but decided to spend much less. I think I have cut the cost in half. I will be able to complete 2 dozen books for just over $100, and that includes picture development. It still seems like a lot of money, but double that and you will be close to what it cost last year.

My first step in saving money was to make the albums myself. I spent $20 on paper bags, which I bought on-line at I split the cost with a teacher, who was making them for her entire class. There is a place about 45 minutes from me that sells these bags to businesses, but it was not worth the gas it would have cost me to go pick them up. You can buy these books already assembled on e-bay, but they cost a lot more than I was willing to spend. One thing I must say, is that making them myself, they will not be covered with a protective archival coating. This helps to proctect the pictures over time. Since it is just a school project, I was not worried about adding that feature. You can buy the spray at craft stores and protect your books if you choose to.

I punched four holes along the side of the bag and assembled them with 3 bags, instead of 4 bags, which is what you would buy on e-bay. That saved me five pictures for each bag, plus all the cardstock, glue and embellishments you may use. Not to mention my time.

Then I used the $.49 satin ribbon from Wal-Mart to bind the books together. I used 4 spools of ribbon for 24 books. I used a large plastic needle to sew the ribbon. Made it very easy.


Since each page needed a piece of cardstock, I found a 200 piece package of 8x8 cardstock at

Wal-Mart for $9.99. I bought 2 packages.

The cheapest picture development I can find is
Wal-Mart for $.15 each. The picture quality is just as good as Kodak and I can get them done while I shop.

One problem I have run into with these scrapbooks is getting my cardstock to stick to the bags. I have found the cheapest choice is
Aleen's Tacky Glue. It is a little messy, as you have to spread the glue with your fingers, but it holds very well. We used a few kinds of scrapbooking glue last year and it peeled off right away.

Spending Less While You Craft

The economy has everyone worrying about their jobs, and money. We are all trying to be creative and save as much as possible and change a lot of our spending habits. For many of us, we may be cutting back on eating out, going to the movies, taking vacations, or buying those designer clothes. For me, I have had a lot of projects to put together for my kids, their schools, or other community activities. I have tried over the last 2 years to do them all as cheaply as possible. When you have to replicate a craft a few dozen times, it can get very expensive. I hope this blog will help others to see how much you can do for a little amount of money.

My biggest money saver is scouring the internet to find cute, but cheap and easy crafts for kids. Also, I buy a deal when I see it and find that one way to put something together with a different product that is cheaper than the original. You would be surprised how much you can do for so little. I also have learned to respect the 'Dollar Store' market. You can sometimes find exactly what you need for only a dollar. It may have cost me $1.89 at a discount retailer, but when the Dollar Store is right next door, I will spend 10 extra minutes to save $5.00. You can't blame me.

I hope I can help you get creative and give you some resources to help you save a few dollars.
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