Friday, October 30, 2009

My First Sales on my Etsy

I am so proud that I have made 4 sales in my Etsy Shop. I started my shop to hopefully help pay for my hobby with my cricut and scrapbooking. I just sold a few items and think I better get busy listing more items. Drop by my shop just to take a look around. It is still relatively new, but I am so excited.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Stocking Spider Egg Sack Decoration

Originally uploaded by choppercabra666

If you have some left over white stockings, batting, and plastic spiders, you can make these. They look so gross, but they are so cute. How easy is that and most moms have these spiders all over the house because our kids bring them home from every party this time of year. This is definitely an original craft.

Smores Cupcake

Smores Cupcake
Originally uploaded by gensler97

These may not seem like a craft, but they are the most amazing cupcakes to make and eat. The cupcake is made from a box, which is all I know how to do. The icing is made from a 16 oz. tub of marshmallow fluff, 2 sticks of butter softened, and 4 cups of powdered sugar. You may need to add more powdered sugar if the frosting is still melting. They do not hold up very well in humidity, so don't leave them out on a hot day.

I hope you try these some day for a party or just because they sound good.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cricut Animal Kingdom DieCuts

Here are a few cuts from my new Cricut Cartridge 'Animal Kingdom'. This is in no way a cheap craft, but it is my reward for working so hard at saving money. I have invested $200 in it so far and it makes me feel like a kid again. It is not exactly easy enough for my kids to use, but it is definitely something they will enjoy in the future.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Witch Parking Sign

Witch Parking
Originally uploaded by Starry_Delight

I love this. I think I am going to make one for my house. Maybe put it on my garage door, or on my house.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Cookie Variety

Halloween Cookie Variety
Originally uploaded by gensler97

I have always had a hard time buying cookies. My Grandmother and Mother were great bakers, so there was little reason to buy it when you could make it yourself. When I was a little girl once in a while my mom would buy me and my brother these smiley face cookies at the local bakery in our mall. They were so delicious. I have always wanted to make good sugar cookies, but did not know how to.

After getting this great recipe for sugar cookies I started to make them, but did not know how to decorate them. For years I made them and they were o.k., but they were not stackable at all. After research I learned to decorate these kinds of cookies. I am not a great artist, but they are definitely neat. I have discovered the layered cookies that look 3-D, and have the most fun with them now.

It is just a hobby, but I sell a few hundred every year at Christmas time. I make a few Cookie Bouquets for gifts or to sell. It's a lot of fun to make these for teachers and friends. My family no longer loves to eat them, but they love to give them to others. I hope some day they will learn to make them and pass them on to their kids.

Toothpick Art

My kids don't understand the concept of money. but sometimes they make do with what is in the house. My son was quietly working in his room on this art project. It is a picture of his mom and dad out of toothpicks. I love my hair. He is my creative thinker. He is not inspired often, but when he is inspired it can be very creative.
I don't know where he got these toothpicks, probably at school. After I took this picture he took it apart and has been creating more things. Forget Lincoln Logs, he's got toothpicks.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reese's Cupcake

Reese's Cupcake
Originally uploaded by gensler97

This is not the cheapest craft you can make, but it is a great homemade cupcake for a party or just for dessert. I made a chocolate cupcake, topped it with a chocolate frosting straight from the can, on top of that a peanut butter buttercreme, a few pieces of Reese's peanut butter cups, and chocolate syrup.

They look very sweet, but the peanut butter really tames the sweetness. I loved them. I have eaten 3 of them and I usually can only handle 2 cupcakes at the most when I make a batch. In my old age sweets are not as easy to take as they use to be. Everyone has loved them, except my daughter. She is not a big choclate or peanut butter lover yet.

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