Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cutter Blade too Dull

I have a Provocraft Trimmer for my scrapbooking. I liked it at first but now the blades do not seem to stay sharp for very long. I want to continue using it, but it is way to expensive to keep replacing the blades. I have decided to buy a trimmer with a self sharpening blade. I had never heard of that before. The cost is $50, but I have a 40% off coupon and should get it closer to $30. That I can afford. Actually I can't afford not to buy that.

What to do with my old trimmer? I should go on e-bay and sell it. I have other crafting items I do not need and did not like, so maybe I should set up an account and get rid of them. Don't get me wrong, the Provocraft Trimmer is not a bad trimmer, but I spend at least $12.00 a year to replace blades, if not much more. It just has been ridiculous.

I will post a picture of my new Trimmer when I get it and let everyone know how it works. If it was worth the money.

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