Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween School Party Planning

We have just started to look at ideas for a Kindergarten Halloween Party. There are two of us who are working together to come up with a great party for our kid's class, but we want to keep the budget as cheap as possible. We only have so much to spend and so far we only have 4 volunteers to donate items and help for the parties. I have learned in past years you can make a great party for less than 20 dollars, but you have to be very creative.

We are looking at crafts that are made out of recycled or cheap materials. The kids honestly do not care what we make. Most parents do not care, but it should be memorable in some way. One idea I have found is Alien Masks. To make them a little easier for the kids we can make masks in general. We can use items we all have laying around the house to decorate. We can even use egg cartons to make the tips of the antennas.

Another idea I like is have the kids make their own treats. My friend thought it would be cute to have the kids create their own scary monster cupcakes. Or we can have the kids decorate a bag to look like a pumpkin, fill it with popcorn, and twist the top to look like a pumpkin stem.

No matter what we decide to do for the kids, they will love it. I hope I have inspired someone to save a little money and enjoy a fun filled afternoon with their child's class.

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