Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spending Less While You Craft

The economy has everyone worrying about their jobs, and money. We are all trying to be creative and save as much as possible and change a lot of our spending habits. For many of us, we may be cutting back on eating out, going to the movies, taking vacations, or buying those designer clothes. For me, I have had a lot of projects to put together for my kids, their schools, or other community activities. I have tried over the last 2 years to do them all as cheaply as possible. When you have to replicate a craft a few dozen times, it can get very expensive. I hope this blog will help others to see how much you can do for a little amount of money.

My biggest money saver is scouring the internet to find cute, but cheap and easy crafts for kids. Also, I buy a deal when I see it and find that one way to put something together with a different product that is cheaper than the original. You would be surprised how much you can do for so little. I also have learned to respect the 'Dollar Store' market. You can sometimes find exactly what you need for only a dollar. It may have cost me $1.89 at a discount retailer, but when the Dollar Store is right next door, I will spend 10 extra minutes to save $5.00. You can't blame me.

I hope I can help you get creative and give you some resources to help you save a few dollars.

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