Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween Cookie Variety

Halloween Cookie Variety
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These cookies are all my own creations, though some of the ideas have been borrowed from other cookie decorators. One day I decided I needed to learn how to make these cookies. I had grown up with this cute little bakery in our mall and had always gotten a decorated sugar cookie when my mom took me there. I had never been able to make a good sugar cookie until a friend of mine gave me a recipe. It was so much better than I had ever had. I made these for years with just canned frosting or powdered sugar and water. Until i decided to research it and sample icing after icing.

My final product is a combination royal icing and glaze. It leaves a shiny coat on the icing, but it still hardens up enough to stack them. Though my family has grown tired of eating cookies, they still love to see and share my creations with their friends.

My favorite cookies to make are the mummies and the layered scene cookies.

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