Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paper Plate Angels

I used this project for Christmas, but think it could be used any time of the year, for religious activities. I saw one on a friend's tree and decided, I can do that! The paper plates only cost a quarter, since I already had some at home and needed only a few. You can decorate the plates with crayons, markers, or whatever you have lying around. Pipecleaners were $1.00 at a Dollar Store. Pictures can be donated from each child, printed for $.15 each, or just drawn on another piece of paper and attached. Last but not least a stapler.

I think I liked the fact that they are stapled together the best because we didn't have to wait for drying time. I will say, it is tricky to staple them together. Also, these look so cute on top of those little Christmas Trees we sometimes put on tables. Especially if you keep one in each kid's room. My kids did this on their own and I left it there the whole Christmas Season.

To make the angels, first let the kids decorate their plates. They need to decorate the bottom side of the plate, if you were eating off of it.

After they decorate it, you cut the plate in half. Then cut one of the halves, in half again. The half will be the body and the quarters will become the wings.

Assemble the body, by creating a cone and stapling it together.

Next staple the winges onto the angel. This is the hardest part. Don't worry if they are not perfectly straight. It's just a fun activity for kids.

You can add a halo, by stapling a pipecleaner inside the angle and twisting it into a circle on top. Glue on your face and you are done.

This project was so cute, cheap and easy that it makes me want to make more with paper plates.

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