Monday, February 22, 2010

Cricut Cat Homemade Valentines

I started to make Valentines with my daughter and then my son wanted to make his. This is what we came up with. He wanted a cat and he outlines all the features with a pen and used a stamp pad and Qu-tip to fill in the nose and mouth. He did a really good job. I usually don't get to make things like this with my boys, but sometimes I forget how much they like arts and crafts too.

Lovely Lion Valentine Box

We made this for my son's Valentine Party at school. We used an oatmeal container, toilet paper tubes, and craft paper. The Lion's Mane is made using hearts. Great way to incorporate hearts into a design. I found this on the Cricut Message board. What a fun idea and kids can make this and it didn't cost us a lot of money.
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