Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fishbowl Diecut

I just love this little fishbowl. I have this for sale on my etsy shop, but am going to use one in a layout for my daughter. At the beginning of the year when she learned to tie her shoes I bought her a beta fish. He fist is going to have to be blue and red, but it will be so cute. I don't think I took a picture of her tying her shoe, so maybe we can recreate that.

Cutter Blade too Dull

I have a Provocraft Trimmer for my scrapbooking. I liked it at first but now the blades do not seem to stay sharp for very long. I want to continue using it, but it is way to expensive to keep replacing the blades. I have decided to buy a trimmer with a self sharpening blade. I had never heard of that before. The cost is $50, but I have a 40% off coupon and should get it closer to $30. That I can afford. Actually I can't afford not to buy that.

What to do with my old trimmer? I should go on e-bay and sell it. I have other crafting items I do not need and did not like, so maybe I should set up an account and get rid of them. Don't get me wrong, the Provocraft Trimmer is not a bad trimmer, but I spend at least $12.00 a year to replace blades, if not much more. It just has been ridiculous.

I will post a picture of my new Trimmer when I get it and let everyone know how it works. If it was worth the money.

First Ever Blog Carnival

Welcome to the October 15, 2009 edition of budget crafting.

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Stacie Young presents 100 Excellent Twitter Feeds for Art Scholars posted at Online Courses.org.

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Thursday Bram presents Four Free Horror Fonts posted at Desktop Publishing, saying, "These free fonts can add a touch of Halloween to any project."

Scott Mills presents Build Your Own Easel posted at Wisdom Lion, saying, "If you like crafting and like painting, you may want an easel. Here is how to build one that is easy and cheap. Plus, in my opinion, it looks pretty awesome."


Case Ernsting presents From Coffee Tables to Coffee Tins : A Brief History of Collecting Coffee Memorabilia posted at Home and Decor, saying, "This post takes a quick look at the timeless hobby of collecting coffee memorabilia. Coffee has been a cheap staple of our day to day lives throughout the centuries and it has evolved in its presentation and availability. You can learn much from the history of coffee memorabilia so take a look and let us know your thoughts."

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Handprint Turkey Craft

Originally uploaded by mmgoodsoup

I can honestly say I have not seen turkeys decorated quite like this before. I am not sure if these are just one piece of paper or two, but this is a very creative use of your handprinte. I love the colors used to decorate each finger and the turkey faces are adorable.

Leaf Turkey Arts and Craft

Leaf turkey
Originally uploaded by Jennifer13

This is a great craft for your kids to do on a nice fall day. One thing I recommend doing with your leaves is pressing them in a book at least over night. The best way to do that is to put them between newspaper and then place them in a book. The newspaper helps to absorb some of the moisture and this process keeps them from curling up as they dry.

See what your budding artist can create.

Supersized Thanksgiving People Table Craft

Supersized Thanksgiving People
Originally uploaded by Celestial Charms

These are so cute and can be made from paper towel rolls and craft paper. The little people would be a little harder to make, but you could make them a little bigger and use toilet paper rolls. What a fun craft to make with the kids on Thanksgiving or to get ready for the party.

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