Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Cookie Variety

Halloween Cookie Variety
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I have always had a hard time buying cookies. My Grandmother and Mother were great bakers, so there was little reason to buy it when you could make it yourself. When I was a little girl once in a while my mom would buy me and my brother these smiley face cookies at the local bakery in our mall. They were so delicious. I have always wanted to make good sugar cookies, but did not know how to.

After getting this great recipe for sugar cookies I started to make them, but did not know how to decorate them. For years I made them and they were o.k., but they were not stackable at all. After research I learned to decorate these kinds of cookies. I am not a great artist, but they are definitely neat. I have discovered the layered cookies that look 3-D, and have the most fun with them now.

It is just a hobby, but I sell a few hundred every year at Christmas time. I make a few Cookie Bouquets for gifts or to sell. It's a lot of fun to make these for teachers and friends. My family no longer loves to eat them, but they love to give them to others. I hope some day they will learn to make them and pass them on to their kids.

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